Now that you have arrived at this page, please don't get bored with my rambling. It may be of interest, (or maybe not)

Well, I was born in Traralgon on 02.12.1943 and lived in Gormandale. We lived on a dairy farm that I had no interest in at all. I was educated in primary school at Gormandale, and secondary school at the Bairnsdale School of Mines. First job was a shop assistant in an electrical shop, then a radio repair shop, then TV broadcasting. I now work with BAE Systems at a Technical Officer. My depot of BAE Systems is contracted to Esso Australia for the oil industry communications in Bass Strait.

My wife’s name is Rhona. We married in Traralgon in 1965 and have lived around and in Traralgon all of our lives. She is a local girl, also born and lived in Traralgon all her life.

Rhona is an AVON representative and enjoy’s doing this. Her hobby, or pastime, is playing Bingo, or the occasional Pokie machine. She also has a computer she play games on like Solitaire and Wheel of Fortune etc.

We have 6 children scattered around the area, and to date, 15 grandchildren.

My favourite sport is Badminton. I have played the game on and off since I was about 10 years old and regularly since about 30. I play the local “winter” competition, and now play on the veterans circuit. I enjoy the veterans very much. I also really enjoy the “Masters” games and have played these in Adelaide, (the bottom picture), Gold Coast (the top picture) and in Alice Springs.

I have been lucky enough to win all the colours of medals available, ie, Bronze, Silver, and Gold both in teams events and pairs events. (Mens doubles and mixed doubles).

I also sell a “SportsGel” that is super handy at times after play. (you can see the details of this gel by following the links from my home page, or by clicking on “Sportsgel” on this page.)

I have always been interested in electronics of some form. I started with the inevitable crystal set, progressing to one valve sets, then two valve sets. My first taste of Amateur Radio was when I started work at the local commercial TV station, my shift partner was Alan VK3AON (now deceased). I soon transferred to the local National TV station and there were four amateurs on the staff.

I obtained my limited call in Feb 1968, it was VK3ZOL. I upgraded to my full call in May 1969, and still hold that call today.

I have taken part in several field days and been fortunate enough to win a few.

My main interest today is in VHF and UHF. I like the aircraft enhancement net of a morning, and have an Echolink node running at my QTH. I guess, one of my most gratifying times was the co-operation of several local hams, contacting the MIR

Space Station and having the kids talk to Andy Thomas VK5MIR, on behalf of the Gormandale Primary School. It was a fantastic success and everyone had a great time. The picture shows the group of local amateurs that put the show on. Rob VK3JKA was the school principle at the time, and Ralph VK3WRE was the main thrust in the effort.  A great day for us all and amateur radio.

As you can see by the pictures, I am also keenly interested in photography. With the exception of pic numbers 1, 10, 13, 14, I have taken all of them. Number 1 was taken by a friend and is an oil platform in Bass Strait, taken from another platform. No. 2 is a sunset taken at Lakes Entrance on the south east coast of Aust. No.3 is some clouds I took on my way to work one morning. I entered this in a competition in USA and won the section. No.’s 4, 5, 6, and 8, are all sunsets, No.7 is a sunrise taken as I notice them. It always pays to carry your camera, and the digital camera is fantastic for this, if you don't like it, erase it, and try again.















     As a part of my interest in photography                

     I am also interested in aircraft. These

     are a few of my pics. No. 9 is a 737 on

     short finals to Coolangatta airport in

     QLD. No.10 is what happens when you

     prop start a Cessna 182 with the brakes

     off. The victim was a Senica II.

No.11 is our local medical emergency helicopter, called “Helimed 1”. We have a helipad at our local hospital. No.12 is a front on view of a PC9 trainer aircraft. Our local aerobatics team, the “Roulettes” fly six of these planes. Top speed 330kts.  No’s 13 and 14 is how to land an F111 with no wheels. It was a perfect landing with minimal damage to the aircraft.

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